Can abdominal exercise reduce weight

In the exercise equipment, there are a variety of equipment, and the abdominal exercise machine is a good equipment, at the same time, the role of abdominal exercise machine is also good, that abdominal exercise function can’t lose weight, some people still know can lose weight, so, abdominal exercise function to lose weight? I don’t know. Come and find out. Now let’s have a look!

Can abdominal exercise reduce weight

1. abdominal machine assisted weight loss

As long as we arrange the 7 ft weight lifting bar work and rest reasonably, and appropriate exercise, it is not difficult to lose weight and lose weight, of course, the effect of abdominal retraction machine may be better. Weight loss experts say that weight loss should be healthy, that is to say, the method should be selected correctly, otherwise it will cause great harm to the body.

2. long term persistence will have effect

It is certainly not reliable to claim that you can lose weight easily without sweating in a few days with the abdomen retractor. Weight loss and weight loss is not a touch, everything needs to have a process, the abdominal machine is useful but also needs to rely on the long-term use of the effect.

3. abdominal retractor improves the efficiency of lean

According to the abdominal kinematics principle, the abdominal retractor can support the shoulders, back and the upper part of the head, so that the abdominal exercise can fully use abdominal strength, and exercise 30-60 degrees away from the ground with the abdominal retractor, which is more than three to five times the effect of lying down to upright, and the effect of skinning is increased by 20 times.

Abdominal weight loss exercise

1. cycling

Lie on the ground, with your hands holding your head. The left knee bends and approaches the chest, the right elbow is on the left knee, and the right shoulder is lifted. Change the other side, i.e. keep your left elbow close to the right knee. This is going on alternately.

2. “Captain’s seat” movement

Standing in the middle of the seat, holding the armrest with both hands and back against the “back of the chair”. Then slowly squat down until it turns out to be like sitting in a chair. The key point is to keep the waist force, the position of the feet should not move, so that the thigh is stressed.

3. flexion on the fitness ball

Lie on the fitness ball and contact the ball with the lower back. Cross your hands on your chest or hold your head. The waist will lift the upper body away from the sphere, and try to keep the balance of the fitness ball. Lie down again and repeat the sit up on the sphere. This exercise is very effective for abdominal exercise.

4. vertical movement of staggered legs

Lie on the ground with your face up, cross your legs on the ground, and hold your head in your hands. Lift your legs up until you are perpendicular to the ground, and your head will also lift up. Pause at the highest point and breathe once, and repeat.

5. abdominal muscle plate movement

Hold the handle of the ABS board with both hands, stretch the body as far as possible, and then the ABS will take back the body. In this stretch and contraction movement, the abdomen is well extended.