Experimental discussion on the development of China’s international trade countermeasures under the new situation

With the deepening development of economic globalization, trade links between countries have become increasingly close. International trade development can increase fiscal revenue, promote the close exchange of economic and technological aspects between countries in the international arena, drive our local enterprises to self-innovation, improve the level of economic development, and effectively promote the improvement of enterprise operation and production efficiency, enterprises in the current development process, combined with advanced production technology, international trade is the core of foreign economic relations between countries in the world, in the new situation, to China Foreign trade has brought greater challenges.

The importance of international trade to economic development

The development of international trade is crucial to the sustainable development of the national economy, and helps to improve the awareness of international competition and scientific and technological progress of enterprises, mainly in the following aspects.

1.Promote national economic growth

Analysis of China’s international trade over the past 40 years of reform and opening up has revealed that it has always been in a stable state of development. The structure of China’s import and export trade has been continuously optimized, interaction with emerging markets has been strengthened, and a good economic and trade platform has been established. At present, China is in a stage of rapid economic growth, and as its industry enters the era of mechanization, its total industrial output and imports have reached a record high. Analyzing the current data on China’s economic development, China expects its total import and export volume to reach 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars in 2021, an increase of about 5.7% compared to last year; among them, total exports are about 2.7 trillion U.S. dollars and total imports are about 2.2 trillion USD; the trade surplus is about 576.6 billion USD.

China’s foreign trade is of unprecedented importance. Accordingly, China has studied and developed a foreign trade system to ensure that international trade can show a rapid and stable development trend, which is manifested by increasing foreign investment and establishing special economic zones, first of all, China is in the stage of transition to a market economy. In order to promote the effective upgrading of capital and increase the development rate of technology-intensive products, China has entered the era of huge trade surplus, the level of economic development of a country is the basis of sustainable development of this country, and international trade is the main driving force of international economic growth. It plays an important role in economic cooperation between our country and other countries and in improving the level of economic development of each country.

2.Raising the awareness of international competition of national enterprises

After the 1990s, foreign investment has increased, and China has carried out international trade and, in accordance with the current economic development, reasonably adjusted the structure of economic growth and demand. The expansion of cooperation with international trade became the main reason for economic growth, and the opening of the market brought a large inflow of foreign direct investment, which increased the scale of China’s exports. This has greatly accelerated our economic growth due to the restructuring of the global economy and the increase in multinational corporations. It directly affects the growth rate of China’s GDP. In the short term, it increases the international trade surplus and the net export growth contributes greatly to the GDP growth, but in the long term, only increasing domestic demand can promote the long-term growth of GDP.

The development of international economic trade can greatly stimulate the innovation potential of enterprises and talents, thus greatly increasing the international competitiveness of enterprises in the context of overall economic development. At the same time, in the context of the development of global economic and trade integration, enterprises must determine their own production methods and business philosophy, adapt to the development of the international economic situation, improve the production and management efficiency of enterprises, enhance international competitiveness and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

3.It is conducive to promoting the progress of science and technology

Science and technology is the first productive force. In order to drive our economy to get good development, China must strengthen the construction efforts in advanced science and technology. At the same time, the sustainable development of international economic trade provides a good economic basis for the further development of science and technology. Follow the law of national economic development, and continuously increase the capacity of scientific and technological research and development to ensure the sustainable and stable operation of the economy. Countries can promote their economic development by importing advanced equipment and technology from other countries in the economic and social fields. Therefore, the development of international trade and scientific and technological progress are mutually reinforcing.

Opportunities and challenges facing the development of China’s international trade

In the year 2020, China’s total foreign trade reached 46462.57 billion U.S. dollars, of which 25906.46 billion U.S. dollars were exported and 2055.612 billion U.S. dollars were imported, and the annual trade surplus was as high as 535.034 billion U.S. dollars, which, on the whole, showed a significant growth trend and created a higher trade scale, and China’s share in international trade was further increased, but in having development opportunities At the same time still face some challenges.

(A) opportunities for the development of international trade in China

1.Help to attract capital and investment

Global economic integration is the main trend of the current economic and trade development. In the context of the booming global economy and trade, economic interaction between countries around the world has become increasingly close, making it easy for local enterprises in China to attract foreign investment. However, there is a large room for improvement in the operation level of most domestic enterprises. The outstanding talents in the enterprises should innovate the management methods, improve the operation level and accelerate the attraction of foreign investment in order to enhance the development speed of the national economy.

2.Help optimize industrial structure

The rapid development of China’s economy has led to an increase in social productivity, which has intensified market competition and refined the division of labor in the international market. Influenced by the global economy and trade, China’s industrial structure has become more optimized, which is reflected in the clear internal division of labor, which effectively reduces the waste of resources and also promotes the improvement of production quality and efficiency, thus establishing a more perfect industrial structure.

Trade liberalization has led to the opening up of countries to each other, which has greatly promoted the development of China’s foreign trade. China’s opening to the outside world has gradually deepened, and exchanges with other countries have gradually increased, better adapting to the trend of diversification of the world economy.

(B) Challenges to the development of international trade in China

1.Increased trade competition

Due to the increasingly close trade ties between countries, in the new situation, the economic recovery of countries to further increase the reliance on international trade, in order to improve competitiveness and promote regional economic integration, different countries are competing in the form of international trade.

2.The development of trade in services has increased its role in economic growth

According to a report on the WTO website, the average annual growth rate of global trade in services from 2017 to 2020 is 9%, which has exceeded the growth rate of trade in goods. The growth rate of each of these areas varies greatly around the world. For example, countries and regions in Europe and the United States are world leaders in information and communication, banking, insurance, telecommunications and other high value-added services trade. The rapid development of China’s trade in services has had a huge impact on global economic transactions and has formed a new growth point for international trade.

3.The overall growth rate of trade accelerates, and emerging economies become dominant

In the context of economic globalization, international trade has continued to grow. However, with the advent of the new century, the United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries are affected by financial liberalization, insufficient domestic demand, aging population and high welfare levels and economic growth slowdown, the economic market system of developing countries is in the process of continuous improvement and soundness, and make it the most promising economy.

4.Knowledge and technology talents become the driving force of economic development

In the current process of rapid development of modern science and technology, knowledge, technology and human resources have taken the primary position in the economic and social development of China. Taking advantage of its own capital and scientific and technological resources to play a core function in the invention and creation in the field of technology, China’s international trade interests have tended to polarize. But with economic globalization and international trade reform, more large and medium-sized multinational companies use technology to carry out innovation in international trade, and gradually become an important force in global economic development.

5.Multimedia and network technology to promote trade model diversification

With the continuous development of the world’s information technology, human beings have been living in the information age, network technology is widely used in all walks of life. With the increasingly close trade between countries and the gradual diversification of trade means, the development of Internet trade has reduced the cost of enterprises, improved the efficiency of trade, and increased the profitability of international trade. After China’s entry into the WTO, as many as 50 countries in Europe and Asia have recognized China’s status as a “market economy country,” but the United States has always felt that China’s market is less open, so it has been reluctant to recognize China’s market economy status, viewing China as a “non-market economy country. However, the U.S. has always felt that China’s market is less open, so it has been reluctant to recognize China’s market economy status, treating China as a “non-market economy” and often deliberately creating trade frictions in the process of China-US trade development.

China’s economic development continues to accelerate, but the economic growth of Europe and the United States is relatively slow, resulting in huge changes in the pattern of economic power between China and the United States, and between China and Europe, with the gap becoming smaller and smaller. Gradually from the “Made in China” in the direction of “Made in China”, from the current point of view, has made significant achievements in the Internet, construction machinery and other fields, which also led to the United States and some developed countries for the rise of China’s concerns continue to This has led to the United States and some developed countries for the rise of China’s worries continue to intensify.

Measures for the development of China’s international trade under the new situation

1.Improve the structure and mode of import and export trade Currently, China should reform the structure of import and export trade, develop an intensive trading model, and transition from comparative advantages to international competitive advantages.

Carry out corresponding technical innovation, continue to develop new products in key export industries, further strengthen technological innovation in key export industries, stimulate enterprises’ scientific and technological innovation capabilities, promote industry transformation, and enhance the technological content of products in key export industries. It also formulated policies to improve the added value, increased financial support for research and new product development of high-tech enterprises, so that trade products continue to change on the basis of the original total expansion and gradually improve their quality and technological content. Imported goods also play a big role in the domestic economic operation, such as adapting to domestic needs and improving the level of technological upgrading of enterprises. Further optimize and adjust the commodity structure of imports, continue to strengthen the legal and regulatory system, further improve the price policy, accelerate the progress of advanced technology and equipment, fully import scarce resources, and encourage resource diversification.

2.Develop and implement strategic trade policies

To improve the science and technology system, the implementation of research funding subsidy policy; fully encourage private enterprises to participate in technology financing, the formation of an all-round, multi-channel technology financing system, the full absorption of foreign advantages of advanced technology enterprises, the core technology is mainly dependent on imported industries also pay corresponding attention to the development of effective management measures. Further expand population input, drive consumption and expand domestic demand. In addition, it is necessary to improve the development of e-commerce and Internet commodity services, improve relevant regulations, and promote the long-term development of Internet transactions. With the international trade organizations and tracks, constantly strengthen the quality management of goods, customs and currency services and other capabilities to promote the long-term development of China’s international trade.

3.Improve the construction of international trade laws and regulations system

At present, in the process of international trade development, the need to reform international trade regulations and the company’s own development on the basis of the establishment of a sound system of international economic and trade regulations and management, in the process of international trade to provide legal protection, to provide favorable conditions for the development of global economic trade, in the face of anti-dumping and other investigations in some countries, to encourage enterprises to actively respond to the lawsuit to protect their rights and interests, but also with the industry’s enterprises or even Other industries can also jointly establish associations and improve the corresponding internal communication mechanism to ensure the smooth exchange of information. In the process of development, enterprises also need to form a good self-image, actively participate in the coordination and development of international trade relations, oppose protectionism and promote trade liberalization. In addition, China also needs to strengthen the management of international trade organizations to ensure China’s position in the international trade system.

4.Continuously improve China’s foreign trade mechanism

In the process of the development of global economic trade, the construction of foreign trade mechanism is particularly important, the only way to form a perfect foreign trade mechanism, in order to continue to promote the optimization of industrial structure and optimal allocation of resources, in order to achieve sustainable economic development, enterprises to provide a good brand image to enhance the international influence of the brand industry, to further expand the international development space of trade, the full use of the Internet and other information platforms.

Strengthen the implementation of diversification strategies to promote the overall economic development. At present, China’s international trade development is facing a huge regional imbalance, especially in the most economically backward western region. Therefore, enterprises need to further exert their resource advantages in the backward regions of foreign trade and further improve the enterprise infrastructure construction. They also need to further continue to innovate and create corporate culture construction, further improve the company’s management system, promote the soft power of corporate culture, enhance the company’s core competitiveness, stimulate the development of human resources, and focus on the introduction of international talents. At the same time, it is also necessary to focus on the important role of private enterprises in the economic and social development, private enterprises to take more preferential policy measures to promote economic development, so that private enterprises quickly enter the international market.

5.Optimize industrial structure, increase investment in scientific research,

and promote the development of high-tech industries China’s Huawei, ZTE and other enterprises have been seriously affected by trade friction, mainly because of its high dependence on U.S. high-tech products, so as long as friction occurs, the market operation of the enterprise will be seriously affected. In this situation, China’s enterprises must increase the strength of scientific research investment, strengthen the support of high-tech industries, reasonable adjustment and optimization of product structure, improve the added value of enterprise products to make full use of economic integration development opportunities, give full play to China’s resource advantages, high-tech as the center of development, and constantly strengthen foreign ties, and actively introduce new technologies, new equipment, in order to effectively promote industrial upgrading In order to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. Only in this way can we better cope with and bear the market risks.

6.Promote the development of China’s trade in services

To continue to accelerate the development of China’s trade in services, the development of effective services trade development strategy, promote the establishment and development of services trade supervision and management institutions, to create a favorable external environment for the development of trade in services. Promote the development and modernization of services such as transportation and tourism, strengthen technological transformation, and drive the development of new service industries. Improve the management level of our enterprises, based on their own development advantages, and constantly expand the scale of development, strengthen the industrial structure adjustment and formation of constantly improve the competitiveness of enterprises, to create favorable conditions for the development of the service industry.

7.Accelerate the construction of overseas marketing network to achieve market diversification

In the process of developing international economic trade, it is necessary to regulate the behavior of domestic enterprises in carrying out economic trade business and abide by the relevant principles of international economic trade, including the rules of interstate transactions, while for the purpose of effectively realizing the long-term development of international emergency trade, it is necessary to adhere to the development principles of harmony between people and the environment, through which foreign trade enterprises form a commercial presence in major overseas markets and gradually form overseas business Profit model. Conduct research and analysis with overseas institutions in major overseas markets.

Firstly, accelerate the establishment of overseas business and industrial sectors, select professionals with international business and management qualifications, manage foreign agencies, and improve the qualifications and credentials of foreign agencies.

Secondly, encourage foreign investment, and act in the field of customs, taxation, banking, foreign exchange management, etc. to provide overseas sales network.

At the same time, the government should also take policy measures to create a strong domestic foreign trade and economic fairs, the formation of a global layout of a reasonable, targeted, professional, strong brand effect of key economic and trade networks; construction of high-tech, well-serviced e-commerce platform, and overseas users of the terminal docking, enhance the ability of enterprises to use e-commerce for foreign trade, as soon as possible to achieve market diversification.


To sum up, the development of international trade is closely related to science and technology, and the rational use of science and technology is the key to promote the development of international economic trade. The development of international economic trade is of great significance to the economic development of all countries and to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market.

At the same time, international economic trade will develop in the direction of more globalization, diversification, standardization and scientific and technological progress, we will continue to deepen reform, accelerate the process of internationalization, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the international community, and promote the development of international trade is of great significance to the sustainable development of China’s social economy.