Research on the Application of WeChat Public in International Trade Professional Course


  With the popularization of mobile 3G and 4G technologies wireless campus network coverage, the mobile Internet represented by smart phones is undergoing radical changes. The learning mode and learning place of students have also changed. Students can get information through many ways, among which WeChat is an important way.

  WeChat Public is a functional module launched by Tencent on August 18, 2012 on the basis of WeChat software for enterprises, media, individuals and other users. Users can use the WeChat public platform to register WeChat public numbers according to their own needs, thus realizing the exchange of text, voice, video, picture and other information with the target group. College students have become the main group of WeChat users. As teachers in colleges and universities, we should make full use of WeChat public number, take it as the platform, take the course as the center, take students as the target group, build WeChat-assisted classroom teaching communication platform, and make it an important teaching aid under the modern education system, so as to improve the teaching quality and enhance the teaching effect.

  2 Problems of traditional teaching mode

  With the popularity of smart phones among college students, it has become a consensus among teachers and students that smart phones have invaded the classroom. Even though students are required not to use their cell phones in class, the phenomenon of playing with cell phones in class still happens frequently. In the traditional classroom teaching, there are not many modern teaching technology tools used, and the most used in classroom lectures is PPT, which students feel the lack of freshness, and they are asked to record the knowledge points they need to master, which wastes the classroom teaching time. The students sometimes simply use their mobile phones to take pictures of the key contents of the course, but before long, the pictures are lost or they do not know which part of the key was taken.

The traditional teaching mode cannot provide students with efficient and reliable means of learning and review for the more operational subjects in ITC, resulting in students’ poor grasp of knowledge points and unfamiliarity with the operation process, and many problems will arise when they really get to the computer operation.

  3 Advantages of using WeChat public number in teaching

  With the characteristics of mobile, social, customized and multimedia nature of WeChat public communication, it should be of great research value to use smart phones and WeChat public together to build a teaching interaction platform and closely link the traditional teaching methods with modern teaching methods.

  3.1 Stimulate students’ interest in learning and cultivate their independent learning ability

  Nowadays, all college students have cell phones and use WeChat, so we should make full use of the cell phones in students’ hands in classroom teaching and use methods such as pushing beautiful articles and micro-lessons to stimulate students’ interest in learning first. Teachers in higher education can push the course-related learning content and learning steps to students on the WeChat public platform, aiming to let students follow the teacher’s requirements to complete the learning tasks, and then can send the key and difficult micro-lesson videos to the public number, so that students can preview or review anytime and anywhere.

For example, when it comes to international trade terms, teachers can send about 10 minutes of micro-lesson videos to let students have a concept of what international trade terms are and what they do, so as to stimulate their interest and enter the traditional classroom teaching with questions.

  3.2 Saving class time and improving learning efficiency

  International trade courses due to the limited class time, classroom knowledge is relatively large, completely rely on classroom lectures is difficult to achieve the desired effect. In the current situation, international trade courses are basically combined classes, the number of students in the class is about 80, teachers want to better complete the teaching objectives within the specified time is a little difficult, there is no time to organize classroom activities, so many students will find classroom teaching a little boring, students’ learning enthusiasm is also affected.

After promoting the use of WeChat public, teachers can push the teaching objectives of this class, related knowledge background, after-class homework, extra-curricular tutorial content, etc. to each student through WeChat public platform, students can use the fragment time after class to understand the relevant knowledge, and the classroom will save a lot of time, which can be used to organize rich teaching activities or discussions.

In the course of international trade, students can be organized to talk about their group’s contract making, contract performance process, and the parts in the making of international trade contracts that students find most difficult to understand, so as to liven up the classroom atmosphere and let students gradually participate in the classroom teaching, attracting their attention so that they have no time to do other things not related to the course in the classroom.

  3.3 Increase interactive communication and form a new evaluation and assessment system

  WeChat can receive basic information, and students can communicate with teachers about any questions they have in the learning process, increasing teachers’ understanding of students, and teachers can also adjust teaching content and progress in a timely manner according to students’ prevalent problems.

At the same time, some more introverted students are too embarrassed to communicate or ask questions directly to the teacher, and the WeChat platform is conducive to communication and exchange between this group of students and the teacher. Teachers’ understanding of students is improved to a certain extent.

In addition, the introduction of the WeChat public platform provides a better channel for teachers to conduct comprehensive and objective evaluation and assessment of students. On the platform, teachers can monitor students’ learning progress, obtain feedback, and organize group discussions among students using the WeChat platform. These activities help teachers to have a comprehensive grasp of students’ real learning situation and can have a more accurate grasp of students’ learning ability, innovation ability, etc. In the past, the traditional teaching mode mainly evaluated students’ performance by usual classroom performance, laboratory assignments and final examinations, and it was difficult to control students’ learning process.

  4 Conclusion

  China’s Ten-Year Development Plan for Education Informatization (2010-2020) states, “The development of education informatization should be based on the construction of high-quality educational resources and informatized learning environment, with the innovation of educational concepts as the forerunner and the innovation of educational models and learning styles as the core.” With the continuous popularization and functional enhancement of information network technology, WeChat public platform is exactly in line with the core of the planning, and the auxiliary teaching function of WeChat public platform will surely be gradually integrated into the teaching process of modern colleges and universities.