Unit Testing

Established in 1970, Universal Engineering Corporation have earned specialization in manufacturing a wide assortment of High quality Testing Instruments. The size of the functioning space is determined by the all round style of the machine. Even though the area for 1-column tensile testing machines is typically limited to the rear and remains open to the side and to the front, the two lateral columns limit the test area to each sides. The distance in between the two guides on two-column tensile testing machines also depends on the force variety.

Face mask testing machine 

How will I handle the huge volumes of information? A single 3D CT scan can generate 20GB or bigger volumes of information. Sophisticated data processing, storage, and archiving options are accessible to make it achievable to manage, share, and evaluate these large data sets. Such as data management as a component of the initial project scope is essential to guaranteeing a productive transition to production CT.

YXLON Cheetah EVO is a best-in-class scalable X-ray inspection technique designed to give superior inspection solutions in the field of non-destructive testing. Maintaining user’s comfort and industrial feasibility in thoughts, these systems keep minimum footprint. Best good quality software program and hardware allow these systems to produce premium top quality benefits with outstanding consistency.

In most modern day industrial and healthcare CT scanners the X-ray is emitted from the source in a cone beam geometry, and the pictures will be reconstructed when the object is moved via the beam. Either the object or the detector is turning in spirals through the approach.

describes the displacement sensor. The displacement sensor 10110 has a pin receiving chamber 10111 and a penetrating pin 10113 coaxially disposed in the flange 10116 of displacement sensor 10110. The tubular guiding cylinder 10112 encloses the penetrating pin 10113. It permits the penetrating pin 10113 to move only vertically to coaxially align the penetrating pin 10113 and prevents horizontal movement from the applied force on the pin head 10114 penetrating the surface of the test specimen 22.

POT can be utilized irrespective of the material – with out any extra calibration. You can use the same instrument to measure the hardness of all sorts of components with out any reference specimen and without any laborious settings: from steel and nonferrous metals by means of plastics, carbide metals, glass, and ceramics up to different coatings. The static application of the test load reduces the vibration of the test object and consequently the influence of the test material’s elastic properties on the test outcome.

Shear test fixtures are equivalent to puncture fixtures in that they are nearly constantly especially designed according to the test standard. For instance, the rail shear fixture and the Iosipescu shear test fixture performs basically the very same function on the sample, nevertheless there are some minor but intricate variations. Fundamental shear tests for adhesives can be performed with normal tensile grips.

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